In every situation, my goal is to improve the writing. 

I work with young people to improve their writing as they prepare for college.

I work with college and graduate students as they tackle both academic and personal writing.

I work with teachers to become experts at giving feedback (no red "X"s).

And finally, I work with writers (in every stage) as they shape a piece of work; whether it's an essay, an article, a novel, a memoir or even an email.

The goal of all my work is to improve students' writing over time. We can all improve, and we can keep improving - there is no finish line. Through the process of feedback and revision, we can hone our skills and our voices to communicate effectively.

What some of my students have to say: 

"Francesca is awesome. She helped me develop my essays without just writing them for me; she focused on helping me clarify my own ideas and tighten up the writing itself. I highly recommend! Very easy to work with." -Shanthy, College Essay Student

"Dr. Grossman has an eye for art. A wise reader, she has the keen ability to see through the weeds of an early draft and keep hunting for that elusive wildflower. And when she finds one, she invites you to savor it. Then, like all good writing teachers, she sends you back into the weeds, to continue the quest. Frannie, who is a fine writer herself, takes the work of writing seriously, while somehow making it fun." - Krysia, Manuscript Client and Workshop Student

"Frannie was invaluable as I was writing my first book.  Her honest and candid feedback helped make it more engaging, interesting and effective in telling my story. And, her ongoing encouragement and support gave me greater confidence as a writer.  Ultimately, she not only made the book a better read, she made me a better writer."  - Jeff, Manuscript Client

"I was very fortunate to have Francesca at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  I also have the wonderful pleasure of having Francesca as my writing teacher in a monthly writing workshop.  In both of these learning environments, Francesca takes great care in developing relationships with students and between students from the very start.  Her warm manner and dynamic personality, as well as her immense experience as a talented educator, writer, and teacher of writing, allow her to make a space for deep and meaningful learning.  I have felt comfortable asking Francesca for help outside of class, whether it was engaging in further conversation on a topic of interest or seeking feedback on larger assignments.  In both of these instances she went above and beyond to offer me the support and advice I needed to be successful.  I feel so grateful to know Francesca as my teacher and as a friend.  She is the kind of mentor who students will always remember!" - Erin, Harvard Student

"Frannie awakened, within me, a desire to write.  I used to try to write, imitating the authors I so fervently looked up to, clawing to find something important about which to write.   I would be immediately met with disappointment upon re-reading, sparking a complete deletion of what I had written.  Frannie’s tutelage and positive, yet constructive feedback, allowed me to actually write. I learned that I didn’t have to search for a story.  The stories are a part of me.   She used her warmth and her expertise to guide her group of writers through an intensive two week course on narrative writing, by far the best course I have taken at HGSE.  Frannie brings out the best in her students as she pours her own heart into reading their writing.  Her comments and personal feedback show her deep interaction with our writing, it was obvious she cared about our stories and our journeys as writers.   I have never had an instructor as constructive and caring as Frannie.  Her humor and expertise shown through in every workshop meeting as she worked to tease out our stories.  She never lectured and was utterly human and approachable, something I have found rare in graduate classes.  I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work with Frannie this year and because of Frannie, I am making writing a part of my life."- Sara, Student, Harvard Writing Workshop

"Frannie's warmth, wisdom, openness, creativity and love of all things writing made me feel welcome, inspired, encouraged, supported and motivated from the moment our first session kicked off the week of the election last fall.  I love the way she fosters a community where craft can be honed, connections can be made, and hearts can be carefully opened to let the writers inside out.  It's been a treat having her for a teacher!" - Danielle, Workshop Student