College Essay Tutoring


The college essay is one of the most important parts of the college application. There are grades, extracurriculars and scores, of course, but the essay remains one of the only ways the admissions committee can see each applicant's unique personality and perspective. I care deeply about the college essay because I believe it can be the linchpin for the application. It can take an application from good to great. 

Every student has something important to say, but it truly matters how they say it. I want the admissions committee to see the unique way a student sees the world. I want them to hear the student's voice. Most of all, I want to committee to see WHO a student really is. I work with students until this is undeniably clear. 

I am not in this game to write an essay for a young person. I will not rewrite sentences, I will not come up with my own ideas on themes, and I will not write sections in my words that should come from the students themselves. I say all of this because I have been asked (and expected) to do just that many, many times. 

I am in the college essay game to help young people write essays that show admissions committees how unique, interesting and powerful they are. Every student I work with has something interesting to say. I am there to amplify their voices, and to respect their thoughts. I am there to honor their style and structure. That doesn't mean I won't be harsh if a student has decided on a structure or style that will not serve them. But I believe strongly in the power of well thought out and appropriately delivered feedback and I am confident I can help all students communicate their thoughts and opinions.

"Francesca is awesome. She helped me develop my essays without just writing them for me; she focused on helping me clarify my own ideas and tighten up the writing itself. I highly recommend! Very easy to work with." -Shanthy, College Essay Student